Upcoming Events
Ossining Historical Society Annual Antiques and Collectibles Fair

When: Saturday, September 7, 2013

Where: The Ossining Historical Society Museum

Join us for a day of treasure hunting, commiseration, and bargain-hunting at the Ossining Historical Society's Antiques & Collectibles Fair.  Meet with some of the county's most talented antique experts, and perhaps purchase a bauble or two for your own collection!  If you would like to be a vendor for this wonderful fair, please call or e-mail the Ossining Historical Society Museum for more information.
Mad About Ossining: A Tour of the Places of the Hit Television Series "Mad Men"!

When: September 22, 2013  

Where: Ossining Train Station

Time: 1:00 - 3:00 pm

Price: $40.00 / Ticket (purchased in advance through the OHSM)

In 2007, AMC announced the premier of a new TV series based on the "mad men", advertising executives of Madison Avenue in the 1960's.  The main character is a man who goes by the name
Donald Draper.  Don, one of the most successful in the business, lived in Ossining with his beautiful wife Betty.  People and places in and about Ossining are mentioned throughout the first and second seasons of this multiple Emmy Award winning series.  This tour will actually take you to where some of these places are!  Join the Ossining Historical Society as we tour by comfortable bus the places of Don and  Betty Draper's Ossining.  Tickets are limited, so call or e-mail the Ossining Historical Society Museum today about reserving your place.

Once Upon a Time in Ossining: The Story of the First Presbyterian Church Clock (and Other Horological Minutiae)
When: October 5, 2013

Where: First Presbyterian Church, 34 S. Highland Ave., Ossining, NY  10562

Time: 1:00pm - 3:00pm

How many of you have noticed the twin clock faces on the First Presbyterian Church?  Did you know that both of these faces run off of a single mechanism?  The original clock faces actually were located above the bell tower prior to its being moved to it's present location.  Sound interesting?



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Please join us for an informative discussion concerning the subject of time, the mechanics of clockmaking, and the history behind the First Presbyterian Church's clock and it's role as the Village of Sing Sing's official timepiece.  Mel Smith, master horologist, machinist, and member of he NAWCC (National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors), will detail via live demonstration, the start to finish process of making an actual clock, and will provide his unique insight into how that process has evolved throughout the years.
Ossining Historical Society Dinner / Silent Auction
When: October 18, 2013

Where: Sleepy Hollow Country Club, 777 Route 9, Briarcliff Manor, NY

Time: 6:00p.m     Price: To be announced

The Trustees and Officers of the Ossining Historical Society Museum cordially invite you to attend the signiture event of it's calendar year: The 82nd Anniversary Dinner and Silent Auction.

The event will once again be held at the majestic Sleepy Hollow Country Club, in Briarcliff Manor.  A cash bar, hors d'ourves, and buffet style dinner are all on the menu, along with the auctioning off of many unique items. These range from vendor-sponsored gift baskets to member-donated vacation destinations; from items of antiquity to those of whimsy.  There promises to be something for even the most most eclectic of tastes!  Please mark down this date and your calendar and show your support for the OHSM!